Couple – married – children 9 and 7 – both in private schools

At Divorce Planning we’ve successfully assisted a range of couples achieve a fair divorce outcome, without the stress and trauma of engaging divorce lawyers and going to court.

This couple came to Divorce Planning together, as they had heard we specialise in achieving fair and reasonable divorce settlements, without engaging lawyers or going to court.

Divorce Planning went through everything from custody of the children, to a fair and reasonable asset split.

Through this process Divorce Planning assisted the ex-wife to buy the ex-husband’s share of the family home, including assisting her to obtain finance. Both parties agreed it was important not to sell the family home in order to maintain stability for their young children through a difficult time.

The ex-husband, who was on a higher income now pays for the children’s school fees, but also received a cash settlement from his ex-wife’s superannuation, and a small amount of equity from the sale of the family home to his ex-wife.  He rented for a time, and later bought his own home.

In total it took Divorce Planning 8 months to finalise this settlement, only engaging a lawyer at the end to establish a binding financial agreement.

Total cost: less than $10,000.

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