Keeping you in control of your financial separation

Divorce Planning is a coaching and mentoring service that guides couples through the process of separation, through a financial lens.

Our experience tells us that when one or both members of a couple engage divorce lawyers, their relationship can turn sour very quickly. It can become acrimonious, hostile and spiral out of control.

That’s not what our business is about. We take an objective look at your financial situation, ascertain who has contributed what across the course of the relationship, work out what each individual’s financial goals are, and come up with a mutually beneficial solution.

It’s important to note that we do not handle custody arrangements. Where our service shines is in devising a financial separation that serves the best interests of all parties involved, including the financial future of your children.

We believe that if we can pull together an objective financial solution to your separation, while keeping you informed and in control, we’re doing a pretty good job.

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