Couple – married 1 year – together 6 years – no children

At Divorce Planning we’ve successfully assisted a range of couples achieve a fair divorce outcome, without the stress and trauma of engaging divorce lawyers and going to court.

For example:

One party bought a house 7 years ago, paid for the wedding and the honeymoon.

The other party ran a business from the house and their family did renovations and landscape gardening to the home.

Sadly, their marriage broke down.

The other party engaged a lawyer. Our client did not, engaging Divorce Planning instead.

While the other party’s lawyers wasted time contacting our client, we at Divorce Planning took a detailed look at our client’s financial situation and established a fair and reasonable divorce settlement.

When the other party’s lawyer put forward an absurd initial offer, Divorce Planning brokered an agreement that established firm middle ground.

Unfortunately, given both parties had relatively low incomes, the capital growth of their home had to be taken into consideration. The property was ultimately sold, but prior to auction Divorce Planning formulated what percentage of the sale would go to each party.

While it’s never ideal to sell property due to the high cost of selling, in this case each party walked away with the feeling that the split was fair and reasonable.

Our client is now happy renting and is happy with the knowledge that their the costs were 75% less than the other party paid their lawyers.

Total costs to our client: less than $4000.

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